1. Cast iron piles _____.

[A] resist shocks or vibrations
[B] are suitable for use as batter piles
[C] are useful for heavy vertical loads
[D] are suitable for works under sea water

Answer: Option C

2. The process of filling hollow spaces of walls before plastering, is known as ______.

[A] Blistering
[B] Hacking
[C] Peeling
[D] Dubbing out

Answer: Option D


3. The platform at the end of a series of steps, is known as _____.

[A] Rest
[B] Landing
[C] Relief
[D] Platform

Answer: Option B

4. The type of arch generally constructed over a wooden lintel or over a flat arch for the purpose of carrying the load of the wall above is _____.

[A] Relieving arch
[B] Segmental arch
[C] Flat arch
[D] Pointed arch

Answer: Option A


5. The form work from the slabs excluding props, can be removed only after _____.

[A] 14 day
[B] 7 day
[C] 4 day
[D] 1 day

Answer: Option C



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