1. Raft foundation are generally preferred to when the area required for individual footing, is more than _____.

[A] 40% to total area
[B] 50% of total area
[C] 25% to total area
[D] 30% of total area

Answer: Option B

2. Dutch bond is a modification of ______.

[A] Single Flemish bond
[B] Header bond
[C] English bond
[D] Stretcher bond

Answer: Option C


3. The X-ray rooms are plastered with ______.

[A] Keen’s cement
[B] Plaster of Paris
[C] Martin’s cement
[D] Barium plaster

Answer: Option D

4. The type of footing which is used to transmit heavy loads through steel columns is _____.

[A] Well foundation
[B] Strip footing
[C] Isolated footing
[D] Grillage foundation 

Answer: Option D


5. According to National Building Code, the hydrants in water mains is provided at minimum interval of _____.

[A] 75 m
[B] 50 m
[C] 90 m
[D] 60 m

Answer: Option A


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