1. The type of pointing in which upper side of mortar joints is kept about 12 mm inside the face of the masonry and bottom is kept flushed with face of wall, is ______.

[A] Struck pointing
[B] Truck pointing
[C] Recessed pointing
[D] Grooved pointing

Answer: Option A

2. The maximum total settlement for isolated foundations on clayey soils should be limited to _____.

[A] 65 mm
[B] 45 mm
[C] 125 mm
[D] 25 mm

Answer: Option A


3. For each storey of a building, the depth of exploration should be ______.

[A] 4 m
[B] 2 m
[C] 5 m
[D] 3 m

Answer: Option D


4. The foundation which consists of a thick reinforced cement slab covering whole area to support heavy concentrated structural loads, is known as _____.

[A] Raft footing
[B] Combined footing
[C] Strap footing
[D] None

Answer: Option A


5. The wedge-shaped bricks forming an arch ring, are called ______.

[A] Soffits
[B] Haunches
[C] Spandrils
[D] Voussoirs

Answer: Option D


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