1. The main function of alumina in brick earth is _____.

[A] To impart plasticity
[B] To increase durability
[C] To increase impermeability
[D] To prevent shrinkage

Answer: Option A

2. The over ground continuous kiln is _____.

[A] Tunnel kiln
[B] Bull’s trench kiln
[C] Hoffman’s kiln
[D] All of these

Answer: Option C

3. Bullnose bricks are not used in _____.

[A] Arches
[B] Walls
[C] Pillars
[D] Rounding off sharp corners

Answer: Option B

4. Fire bricks should be laid in a ______.

[A] Fire clay mortar
[B] Fire cement mortar
[C] Lime mortar
[D] All of the above

Answer: Option A

5. The process of mixing sand with the powdered natural soil to improve the quality is known as _____.

[A] Pugging
[B] Tempering
[C] Blending
[D] Moulding

Answer: Option C


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