1. Granite is an example of _____.

[A] aqueous rocks
[B] Metamorphic rocks
[C] Sedimentary rocks
[D] Igneous rocks

Answer: Option D

2. Good quality building stones should not contain soluble salts more than _____.

[A] 3%
[B] 2%
[C] 1%
[D] 0%

Answer: Option D


3. Pug mill is used for _____.

[A] clay moulding
[B] brick drying
[C] brick burning
[D] clay preparation

Answer: Option D

4. The base in a paint is added to ______.

[A] Make smooth surface
[B] hide the surface to be painted
[C] Improve the quality of paint
[D] All of the above

Answer: Option B


5. Marble is an example of _____.

[A] Sedimentary rocks
[B] Igneous rocks
[C] Metamorphic rocks
[D] Aqueous rocks

Answer: Option C


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