1. A good quality stone must absorb water less than _____.

[A] 5%
[B] 10%
[C] 20%
[D] 2.5%

Answer: Option A

2. The colour of granite is ______.

[A] green
[B] grey
[C] brown
[D] All of these

Answer: Option D


3. Bituminous paint consists of bitumen dissolved in _______.

[A] Naptha
[B] Spirit
[C] Linseed oil
[D] Either A or B

Answer: Option D

4. For stones Mhos scale is used to determine _____.

[A] toughness
[B] flakiness index
[C] durability
[D] hardness

Answer: Option D


5. The soil good for making bricks is _____.

[A] black cotton
[B] Silty
[C] alluvial
[D] Sand and silt

Answer: Option A


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