1. The red colour of brick is due to ______.

[A] magnesia
[B] iron oxide
[C] silica
[D] alumina

Answer: Option B

2. In stone masonry the direction of pressure line is _____.

[A] Perpendicular to natural bed
[B] inclined to natural bed at 30 degrees
[C] inclined to natural bed at 45 degress
[D] Parallel to natural bed

Answer: Option A


3. Stone generally used for railway ballast is _____.

[A] Dolomite
[B] Marble
[C] Basalt or trap basalt
[D] Sandstone

Answer: Option C


4. Galvanising means covering iron with a thin coat of ______.

[A] glaze
[B] zinc
[C] coaltar
[D] tin

Answer: Option B


5. Purest form of iron is _____.

[A] mild steel
[B] high carbon steel
[C] wrought iron
[D] cast iron

Answer: Option B


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