1. The thin radial fibres extending from pith to cambium layer are known as _____.

[A] Inner Bark
[B] Sap Wood
[C] Medullary Rays
[D] Outer Bark

Answer: Option C

2. _____ does not belong to endogenous trees.

[A] Teak
[B] coconut
[C] Bamboo
[D] cane

Answer: Option A


3. The brick laid with its length parallel to the face of the wall is called a _____.

[A] Header
[B] Stretcher
[C] Course
[D] Closer

Answer: Option B

4. An arrangement of brick work, in which one course of header and one course of stretchers are laid alternatively is known as _____.

[A] Flemish Bond
[B] English Bond
[C] Dutch Bond
[D] Stack Bond

Answer: Option B


5. The age of the trees can be predicted by ______.

[A] Counting the number of rings
[B] By measuring the diameter of pith
[C] Length of medullary rays
[D] By the thickness of bark

Answer: Option A




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