1. The test conducted to check the proper grinding of cement is known as _____.

[A] Fineness
[B] Setting times
[C] Consistency
[D] Soundness

Answer: Option A

2. Compaction factor test is carried out on concrete to find _____.

[A] Compressive strength
[B] Workability
[C] Setting time
[D] Tensile strength

Answer: Option B


3. Too much fineness of cement ______.

[A] Results cracks in cement
[B] Generates greater heat
[C] Develops early strength
[D] Both A and B

Answer: Option D

4. For complete hydration of cement, how much water is required ______.

[A] 38%
[B] 45%
[C] 55%
[D] 23%

Answer: Option A


5. Fineness of cement 53 grade opc as per IS : 12269 – 1987 is minimum ______.

[A] 200 m^2/kg
[B] 300 m^2/kg
[C] 250 m^2/kg
[D] 225 m^2/kg

Answer: Option D


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