1. Smith’s test is performed on stones to assess its _____.

[A] Specific gravity
[B] insoluble matter
[C] Soluble and clayey matter
[D] Hardness

Answer: Option C

2. The construction of a temporary structure required to support an unsafe structure is called _____.

[A] underpinning
[B] Jacking
[C] Scaffolding
[D] Shoring

Answer: Option D


3. The lime is called as poor lime when % of clay is _____.

[A] 0%
[B] > 30%
[C] > 70%
[D] < 30%

Answer: Option B

4. In any good staircase maximum and minimum pitch respectively should be _____.

[A] 40° and 25°
[B] 65° and 10°
[C] 75° and 30°
[D] 90° and 0°

Answer: Option A


5. Doglegged stairs are _____.

[A] Quarter turn stairs
[B] Straight stairs
[C] three quarter turn stairs
[D] Half turn stairs

Answer: Option D


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