Question 6: Advantages of Irrigation


(i) Increase in food production

(ii) Protection against drought

(iii) Revenue Generation

(iv) Elimination of mixed cropping.



Question 7: Enumerate various physical characteristics of water.


Turbidity, Colour, Taste, Odour, Temperature, Specific conductivity.



Question 8: Criteria for maximum diameter of bar that can be used in slab.


The maximum diameter of bar which can be used in slab shall not be more than 1/8 of the slab thickness.



Question 9: Define Fluid, Thixotropic Fluid, Rheopectic fluid, Pseudo-plastic Fluid.


A substance in liquid or gaseous state which is capable of deforming continuously under the action of shear stress (however small the shear stress may be).


A fluid which shows as decrease in apparent viscosity with time. Also, It has shear-thinning characteristics. c.g. Printer’s ink, honey


A fluid for which apparent viscosity increases with time. Also, It has shear-thickening characteristics. e.g. Bentonite slurry, gypsum suspension in water


A fluid for which the dynamic viscosity decreases as the rate of shear stress increases. e.g. milk, cement, blood, clay



Question 10: Classify the urban roads.


1. Express ways

2. Arterial Road

3. Sub Arterial Road

4. Collector Streets

5. Local Streets






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