Question 16: What are the important information available on the Cement Bag?


The following information available on the cement bag should be taken note of while receiving the cement bag:

(i) Type of cement

(ii) IS certification mark

(iii) Verify net weight of the cement

(iv) Date of manufacture

(v) MRP of a cement bag and to make sure that the cement bag is sealed

(vi) Manufacturer’s name and registered Trade mark if any



Question 17: What are the principles of surveying?


(i) To locate the point with respect to two known points. (ii) Working from whole to part but not from part to whole.

To avoid accumulation of error it is necessary to work from whole to a part in surveying.



Question 18: Differentiate between header and stretcher.


A full brick when laid with its length perpendicular to the face of the wall is called as header whereas a full brick when laid with its length parallel to the face of the wall is termed as stretcher.



Question 19: What is micro irrigation?


Micro irrigation is defined as the frequent application of small quantities of water directly above and below the soil surface; usually as discrete drops, continuous drops or tiny streams through emitters placed along a water delivery line.



Question 20: What is the design period for different units of a water supply scheme?


The design period recommended by Government manuals are tabulated below:

·       Water treatment unit – 15 years

·       Pipes – 30 years

·       Service Reservoir – 15 years

·       Distribution System – 30 years






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