Question 26: What is hydration of cement?


The chemical combination of cement with water is known as Hydration reaction. This reaction is exothermic in nature at it release heat known as Heat of hydration and measured in Joules/gram.



Question 27: What is difference between Plane and Geodetic survey?


The surveying in which the curvature of the earth is not taken into account is called Plane Survey. The surveying in which the curvature of the earth is taken into account is called Geodetic Survey. Therefore Plane Survey is applicable to small areas (distances less than 18.5 km and areas smaller 250 km²), whereas, Geodetic Survey is applicable for large areas.



Question 28: Explain the term average annual rainfall?


The total amount of rainfall collected in one year is called annual rainfall and the average of annual rainfall data of last 35 years is called the average annual rainfall.



Question 29: What is the Principle of Superposition?


The principle of Superposition states that the displacements resulting from each of a number of forces may be added to obtain the displacement resulting from the sum of loads. It also implies the converse that is, the force that corresponds to a number of displacements may be added to yield the force that corresponds to the sum of the displacements.



Question 30: What is statically indeterminate structure?


If the unknown forces in members and end reactions at supports can’t be determined with the help of equations of static equilibriums only then the structure is called statically indeterminate structure.






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