1. At the time of opening of the tenders invited for public works by a public body,

[A] the contractor is not allowed to remain present
[B] the contractor is invited to remain present
[C] the contractor do not like to remain present
[D] the contractor may be or may not be invited

Answer: Option B


2. Which of the following contracts is not type of cost plus contract?

[A] Cost plus percentage contract
[B] Cost plus lump sum contract
[C] Cost plus fixed fee contract
[D] Cost plus fluctuating fee contract

Answer: Option B


3. Site order book is used for _____.

[A] Recording the instructions of the executive engineer
[B] Recording the constructions measurements
[C] Issuing the requisition requests for materials
[D] Maintaining the record of the ordered instruments and materials

Answer: Option A


4. Grader is used mainly for _____.

[A] Trimming and finishing
[B] Shaping and trimming
[C] Finishing and shaping
[D] Finishing, shaping and trimming

Answer: Option D


5. Which of the following excavator is most suitable for digging under water?

[A] Dragline
[B] Hoe
[C] Calm shell
[D] Dipper shovel

Answer: Option A


6. The value of a particular entity at the end of the utility period without dismantling is called as the _____.
[A] Scrap value
[B] Book value
[C] Salvage value
[D] Sinking value

Answer: Option C


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