1. Mile stone chart is an improvement over ______.

[A] Bar chart
[B] OPST scheduling
[C] CPM Scheduling
[D] PERT scheduling

Answer: Option A


2. In which organizational form would the project manager possess the greatest amount of authority?

[A] Classical/traditional
[B] Projectized
[C] Strong matrix
[D] Weak matrix

Answer: Option B


3. During project staffing, the primary role of line management is _____.

[A] Approving the selection of the project manager
[B] Approving the selection of assistant project managers
[C] Assigning functional resources based upon who is available
[D] Assigning functional resources based upon availability and the skill set needed

Answer: Option D


4. Which of the following is not one of the sources of authority for a project manager?

[A] Delegation from senior management
[B] Delegation from subordinates
[C] Job description for a project manager
[D] Project charter

Answer: Option B


5. Bar charts are considered to be suitable for _____.

[A] Minor works
[B] Major works
[C] Dam constructions
[D] Large projects

Answer: Option A


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