Before the Cyclone Season

  • Check the house; secure loose tiles and carry out repairs of doors and windows.
  • Remove dead branches or dying trees close to the house; anchor removable objects such as lumber piles, loose tin sheets, loose bricks, garbage cans, sign-boards etc. which can fly in strong winds. 
  • Keep some wooden boards ready so that glass windows can be boarded if needed.
  • Keep a hurricane lantern filled with kerosene, battery operated torches and enough dry cells.
  • Demolish condemned buildings.
  • Keep some extra batteries for transistors.
  • Keep some dry non-perishable food always ready for use in emergency.

When the Cyclone Starts

  • Listen to the radio. Keep monitoring the warnings. This will help you prepare for a cyclone emergency.
  • Pass the information to others.
  • Ignore rumors and do not spread them; this will help to avoid panic situations.
  • Believe in the official information.
  • When a cyclone alert is on for your area continue normal working but stay alert to the radio warnings. Stay alert for the next 24 hours as a cyclone alert means that the danger is within 24 hours.

When Evacuation is instructed :

  • Pack essentials for yourself and your family to last a few days. These should include medicines, special food for babies and children or elders.
  • Head for the proper shelter or evacuation points indicated for your area. 
  • Do not worry about your property. 
  • At the shelter follow instructions of the person in charge.
  • Remain in the shelter untill you are informed to leave.

Post-Cyclone measures 

  1. You should remain in the shelter until informed that you can return to your home. You must get inoculated against diseases immediately.
  2. Strictly avoid any loose and dangling wires from lamp posts. If you have to drive, do drive carefully.
  3. Clear debris from your premises immediately.
  4. Report the correct losses to appropriate authorities.

Emergency Kit :

  • Battery operated torch
  • Extra batteries
  • Battery operated radio
  • First aid kit and essential medicines
  • Cash and Important documents (Ration card, Voter ID card, Aadhar card etc.)
  • Emergency food (dry items) and water (packed and sealed)
  • Candles and matches in a waterproof container
  • Knife
  • Chlorine tablets or powdered water purifiers
  • Thick ropes and cords
  • Shoes

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