1. As per IS: 800, the splice connection should be designed for a force of at least k times the member design capacity in tension. Here the value of k is _____.

[A] 0.3
[B] 0.5
[C] 0.4
[D] 0.6

Answer: Option A


2. A tension splice section is designed for ______.

[A] Maximum factored tensile load
[B] Design strength of the tension member 
[C] Maximum of factored tensile load and 0.3 times the design strength of tension member
[D] Maximum service load

Answer: Option C


3. The effect of shear lag is _____.

[A] Less in small length of connection
[B] Less in large length of connection
[C] Nonexistent in angle section
[D] Nonexistent in channel section

Answer: Option B


4. If the effective length of a prismatic compression member is 0.8 L, then the support conditions should be _____. (Note: L is the unsupported length)

[A] At one end both rotation and translation is restrained, whereas at the other end translation is restrained, but the rotation is free
[B] At both ends both translation and rotation are restrained
[C] At both ends translations are restrained but rotations are free
[D] At one end translation is restrained while at the other end rotation is restrained

Answer: Option A


5. The design compressive stress of an axially loaded compression member in IS-800-2007 is given by _____.

[A] Rankine formula
[B] Secant formula
[C] Merchant Rankine formula
[D] Perry Robertson formula

Answer: Option D


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