1. What is the value of Maximum effective slenderness ratio (KL/r) for a member carrying compression loads resulting from dead loads and imposed loads only?

[A] 180
[B] 250
[C] 300
[D] 350

Answer: Option A


2. What is the Buckling class for hollow cold formed Sections as per IS:800, 2007?

[A] Buckling Class a
[B] Buckling Class b
[C] Buckling Class c
[D] Buckling Class d

Answer: Option B


3. What will be effective length of prismatic compression member having unsupported length ‘L’ if one end is restrained for translation and rotation and other end is free for translation and rotation?

[A] 0.65L
[B] 1.0L
[C] 0.8L
[D] 2.0L

Answer: Option D


4. To avoid buckling in a compression member ______.

[A] Slenderness ratio should be less
[B] Radius of gyration should be less
[C] Slenderness ratio should be more
[D] Area of cross section should be less

Answer: Option A


5. To account for shear deformation effects in battened columns, the ratio of the effective slenderness ratio to the maximum actual slenderness ratio of column is to be considered as ______.

[A] More than 1
[B] 1.0
[C] 0.5
[D] 0.1

Answer: Option A


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