1. The fasteners in gusseted base plate are designed for _____.

[A] 25% column load
[B] 50% column load
[C] 75% column load
[D] 100% column load

Answer: Option B


2. The thickness of base plate is assessed from ______.

[A] Shear capacity of the plate
[B] Flexural capacity of the plate
[C] Bearing strength of concrete
[D] Two-way shear strength of concrete

Answer: Option B


3. For hot rolled beams, as per Indian Standard code laterally supported beam means ______.

[A] Web is restrained
[B] Compression flange is restrained
[C] Tension flange is restrained
[D] Web thickness is more than 10mm

Answer: Option B


4. In case of hot rolled steel section, a beam with a series of regular openings in its web is called ______.

[A] Tapered Beam
[B] Hybrid Beam
[C] Castellated Beam
[D] Latticed Beam

Answer: Option C


5. In case of rolled steel beam, shear force is mainly resisted by _____.

[A] Web
[B] Flange
[C] Web and flange
[D] Weld

Answer: Option A


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