1. In steel structure design, check for lateral torsional buckling is required for _____.

[A] Axial column
[B] Laterally unsupported beam
[C] Tension member
[D] Column bases

Answer: Option B


2. If the shape factor of a section is 1.5 and the factor of safety to be adopted in 2, then the load factor will be _____.

[A] 0.75
[B] 1.5
[C] 2.5
[D] 3.0

Answer: Option D


3. As per IS 800: 2007, the cross-section in which the extreme fiber can reach the yield stress but cannot develop the plastic moment of resistance due to failure by local buckling is classified as _____.

[A] Plastic section
[B] Compact section
[C] Semi-compact section
[D] Slender section

Answer: Option C


4. To prevent local crushing of the web due to concentrated loading, which type of stiffeners are provided?

[A] Torsion stiffeners
[B] Diagonal stiffeners
[C] Load carrying stiffeners
[D] Bearing Stiffeners

Answer: Option D


5. Economical depth of gantry girder is about ______.

[A] 1/8th span
[B] 1/12th span
[C] 1/16th span
[D] 1/20th span

Answer: Option B


6. The collapse load for a propped cantilever of span I subjected to uniformly distributed load is _____.

[A] 0.414 Mp/L
[B] 0.586 Mp/L
[C] 7.67 Mp/L
[D] 11.656 Mp/L

Answer: Option D


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