1. Gusset plates are designed to resist _____.

[A] Torsion & bending
[B] Only shear
[C] Shear & bending
[D] Shear, bending & torsion

Answer: Option C


2. The allowable shear stress in stiffened webs of mild steel beams decreases with _____.

[A] Decrease in spacing of the stiffeners
[B] Increase in spacing of the stiffeners
[C] Decreases in the effective depth
[D] Increase in the effective depth

Answer: Option B


3. Minimum pitch of the rivets shall not be less than _____.

[A] 1.5d
[B] 2.0d
[C] 2.5d
[D] 3.0d

Answer: Option C


4. In a steel plate with bolted connections, the rupture of the net section is a mode of failure under _____.

[A] Tension
[B] Compression
[C] Flexure
[D] Shear

Answer: Option A


5. The standard clearance in diameter and width of slots for 20 mm nominal size of fastener is _____.

[A] 1 mm
[B] 2 mm
[C] 3 mm
[D] 4 mm

Answer: Option B


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