1. For a tension member, the design shear capacity of bolts carrying shear through packing plate in excess of 6 mm shall be decreased by a factor of (Note: tpk is the thickness of the thicker packing plate) _____.

[A] 1 – 0.125 tpk
[B] 1- 0.250 tpk
[C] 1 – 0.0125 tpk
[D] 1 – 0.0250 tpk

Answer: Option C


2. What is minimum edge distance from centre of the bolt of diameter, d to nearest edge of plate in case of rolled, machine flame cut, sawn and planed edges?

[A] 3.0 d
[B] 1.5 d
[C] 2.0 d
[D] 2.5 d

Answer: Option B


3. Which of the following is not a mode of failure of a single riveted joint?

[A] Tearing of Plate
[B] Shearing of Plate
[C] Shearing of Rivet
[D] Crushing of Rivet

Answer: Option B


4. What is the hole diameter for a bolt of 25 mm diameter?

[A] 25 mm
[B] 26 mm
[C] 28 mm
[D] 30 mm

Answer: Option C


5. IS: 800-2007 limits the width-to-thickness ratios of the elements of a steel section to place a check on _____.

[A] bending buckling
[B] torsional buckling
[C] flexural-torsional buckling
[D] local buckling

Answer: Option D


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