1. How does an increase in the pitch of the roof affect the amount of load that can be placed on it?

[A] It decreases
[B] It increases
[C] Remains constant
[D] Depends upon the case

Answer: Option A


2. Diamond pattern of bolting is beneficial over chain and staggered bolting because ______.

[A] It transmits maximum force
[B] It has maximum efficiency
[C] It is easy to fabricate
[D] It leads to minimum deflection

Answer: Option B


3. High Strength Friction Grip Bolts can be used for
(i) Slip resistant connection
(ii) Bearing type connection
(iii) Shear connection

[A] (i) and (ii)
[B] (i) and (iii)
[C] (ii) and (iii)
[D] (i), (ii) and (iii)

Answer: Option A


4. The difference between gross diameter and nominal diameter for rivets upto 25mm diameter is ____.

[A] 1.5mm
[B] 1mm
[C] 2mm
[D] 2.5mm

Answer: Option A


5. Minimum pitch in a riveted joint shouldn’t be _____.

[A] Less than 200mm
[B] More than 200mm
[C] Greater than 2.5 times the gross diameter of the rivet
[D] Less than 2.5 times the nominal diameter of the rivet

Answer: Option D


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