EARTHQUAKE – Do’s and Don’ts

1) Before An Earthquake

  • Repair deep plaster cracks in ceilings and foundations. Get knowledgeable recommendation if there square measure sings of structural defects.
  • Anchor overhead lights to the ceiling. 
  • Follow  BIS code relevant to your space for building standards.
  • Fasten shelves firmly to walls.
  • Place massive or significant objects on lower shelves.
  • Store breakable things like bottled foods, glass, and china in low, closed cupboards with latches.
  • Hang significant things like footage and mirrors aloof from beds, settees, and anyplace that individuals sit.
  • Brace overhead lightweight and fan fixtures.
  • Repair defective electrical wiring and leaky gas connections. These square measure potential hearth risks.
  • Secure water heaters, LPG cylinders etc. by burly them to the walls or bolting to the ground.
  • Store weed killers, pesticides and ignitable merchandise firmly in closed cupboards with latches and on bottom shelves.
  • Know emergency contact numbers (such as those of doctors, hospitals, the police, etc.)
  • Identify safe places inside and outdoors :

  1. Under robust table, bed
  2. Against an internal wall
  3. Away from wherever glass may shatter around windows, mirrors, footage or wherever significant bookcases or alternative significant article of furniture may break down.
  4. In the open, aloof from buildings, trees, phone and electrical lines, flyovers and bridges.

Have a disaster emergency kit prepared :

  • Battery operated torch with further batteries
  • Battery operated radio
  • First aid kit and manual Emergency food (dry items) and water (packed and sealed)
  • Candles and matches in a very waterproof instrumentality
  • Knife
  • Chlorine tablets or powdered water purifiers
  • Can opener
  • Essential medicines
  • Cash and credit cards
  • Thick ropes and cords
  • Sturdy shoes

2) During An Earthquake 

Stay as safe as attainable throughout Associate in Nursing earthquake. bear in mind that some earthquakes are literally foreshocks and a bigger earthquake may occur. Minimize your movements to a couple of steps that reach a close-by safe place and keep inside till the shaking has stopped and you’re positive exiting is safe.

If indoors

  • Drop to the ground; take cowl by obtaining underneath a durable table or alternative piece of furniture; and HOLD ON till the shaking stops. If there’s no a table or table close to you, cowl your face and head together with your arms and crouch in an internal corner of the building.
  • Protect yourself by staying underneath the beam of Associate in Nursing inner door, within the corner of a space, underneath a table or perhaps underneath a bed.
  • Stay away from glass, windows, outside doors and walls and something that would fall, (such as lights or furniture). keep in bed if you’re there once the earthquake strikes. Hold on and shield your head with a pillow, unless you’re underneath an important lightweight fixture that would fall. therein case, move to the closest safe place. 
  • Use a entree for shelter providing it’s in shut proximity to you and if you recognize it’s a powerfully supported, load bearing entree. 
  • Stay within till the shaking stops and it’s safe to travel outside. analysis has shown that the majority injuries occur once folks within buildings conceive to move to a special location within the building or try and leave.
  • Be aware that the electricity could depart or the mechanical device systems or hearth alarms could activate.
If Outdoors

  • Do not move from wherever you’re. However, move aloof from buildings, trees, streetlights, and utility wires.
  • If you’re in open area, keep there till the shaking stops. the best danger exists directly outside buildings; at exits, and aboard exterior walls. Most earthquake-related causalities result from collapsing walls, flying glass, and falling objects.

3) After An Earthquake 

  • Keep stock of potable, foodstuff and first-aid instrumentation in accessible place.
  • Do not unfold and believe rumors.
  • Turn on your junction transistor or T.V to induce the most recent information/bulletins and earth tremor warnings.
  • Provide facilitate to others and develop confidence. 
  • Attend the battle-scarred persons and provides them aid, no matter is feasible and additionally inform hospital.
  • Be ready for aftershocks as these could strike. 
  • Close the valve of room gas cooker, if it’s on. If it’s closed, don’t open. don’t use open flames.
  • Do not operate electrical switches or appliances, if gas leaks square measure suspected.
  • Check water pipes, electrical lines and fittings. If damaged, shut off the most valves. don’t bit live wires of electricity.
  • If needed, open doors and cup boards fastidiously as objects could fall.

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