1. MPN index is a measure of _____.

[B] Dissolved Oxygen content
[C] Hardness
[D] Coliform bacteria

Answer: Option A

2. Crown corrosion in a reinforced concrete sewer is caused by _____.

[A] Methane
[B] Carbon Dioxide
[C] Hydrogen Sulphide
[D] Ammonia

Answer: Option C


3. The unit in which both sedimentation and digestion processes of sludge take place simultaneously is ______.

[A] Deritus Tank
[B] Digestion Tank
[C] Imhoff Tank
[D] Skimming Tank

Answer: Option C


4. Which one of the following tests of water/ wastewater employs Eriochrome Black T as an indicator?

[A] DO
[B] Residual chlorine
[D] Hardness

Answer: Option D


5. Presence of nitrogen in a waste sample is due to the decomposition of _____.

[A] Fats
[B] Carbohydrates
[C] Vitamins
[D] Proteins

Answer: Option D


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