1. Which one of the following sewage treatment units has parshall flume?

[A] Grit chamber
[B] Trickling filter
[C] Aerated lagoon
[D] Oxidation ditch

Answer: Option A

2. Which one of the following solid waste disposal methods is ecologically most acceptable?

[A] Pyrolysis
[B] Composting
[C] Sanitary landfill
[D] Incineration

Answer: Option B


3. Electrostatic precipitators are used for removal of _____.

[A] Liquid contaminants
[B] Gaseous contaminants
[C] Particulate contaminants
[D] Both A and B

Answer: Option C

4. What is the depth of water seal in the traps?

[A] 7.5 cm to 12.5 cm
[B] < 2.5 cm
[C] Not less than 15 cm
[D] 2.5cm to 7.5 cm

Answer: Option D


5. Sewage treatment in an oxidation pond is accomplished primarily by _____.

[A] Chemical oxidation
[B] Algal photosynthesis
[C] Algal-bacterial symbiosis
[D] Bacterial Oxidation

Answer: Option C



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