1. The process of passing water through beds of granular materials, is called ______.

[A] Sedimentation
[B] Filtration
[C] Screening
[D] None

Answer: Option B

2. Methemoglobinemia or blue baby disease is caused due to _____.

[A] Nitrites
[B] Nitrates
[C] Chlorides
[D] Sulphides

Answer: Option B


3. To control the growth of algae in reservoirs, the compound which is used, is _____.

[A] Copper sulphate
[B] Bleaching powder
[C] Lime solution
[D] Alum solution

Answer: Option A

4. A pressure conduit laid underground, may not be subjected to ______.

[A] Longitudinal temperature stress
[B] Internal pressure of water
[C] Longitudinal stresses due to unbalanced pressure to bends
[D] Pressure due to external load

Answer: Option A


5. For the prediction of future population of a city, the factor to be considered, is ______.

[A] Deaths
[B] Births
[C] Migrants
[D] All the above

Answer: Option D



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