1. A town water supply scheme is commonly designed for a population ______.

[A] at present year
[B] after one decade
[C] after three decades
[D] after two decades

Answer: Option C

2. As per Indian Standard Specifications, the peak discharge for domestic purposes per capita per minute, is taken _____.

[A] 1.80 liters for 5 to 10 users
[B] 1.35 liters for 20 users
[C] 1.20 liters for 15 users
[D] All of the above

Answer: Option D

3. A water supply scheme is to be designed for an area with over 90% population as lower income group. What should be the water demand (liter per day) considered in designing such system?

[A] 200
[B] 100
[C] 150
[D] 135

Answer: Option D

4. The total water consumption including domestic, commercial and industrial demands for average Indian People is ______.

[A] 135 lpcd
[B] 210 lpcd
[C] 270 lpcd
[D] 200 lpcd

Answer: Option C

5. Which of the following method is used to forecast the population of old and very large city?

[A] Graphical Method
[B] Geometrical Progression method
[C] Arithmetical Increase method
[D] Logistic Curve Method

Answer: Option C


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