1. Back washing is highly effective in case of

[A] Rapid and pressure filter
[B] Slow sand filter
[C] Pressure filter
[D] Rapid sand filter

Answer: Option D

2. Kuichling’s Formula for fire demand is given by _____.

[A] Q= 3382 sqrtP
[B] Q=3282 sqrtP
[C] Q= 3182 sqrtP
[D] None

Answer: Option C


3. Which of the following disease is not considered to be water borne?

[A] Dysentery
[B] Small Pox
[C] Typhoid
[D] Cholera

Answer: Option B

4. Excessive fluoride concentration in drinking water causes problems related with _____.

[A] Kidney Function
[B] Heart Disease
[C] Bones and joint stiffness
[D] Dysentry

Answer: Option C


5. In which method, population increase is assumed to be constant decade to decade?

[A] Geometric Progression Method
[B] Incremental Increase Method
[C] Arithmetic Progress method
[D] None of the above

Answer: Option C


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