1. The conditions for the flow of fluid in Bernoulli’s equation are assumed as
[A] Steady, uniform and incompressible
[B] Steady, irrotational and uniform
[C] Steady, incompressible and irrotational
[D] None of the above

Answer: Option C 

2. If the flow field is steady, the fluid particle will undergo only a

[A] Total acceleration
[B] Local acceleration
[C] Convective acceleration
[D] All of the above

Answer: Option C


3. The type of vortex for the flow of water in a wash basin, when it is being emptied through a central opening, is called
[A] Rankine vortex
[B] Forced vortex
[C] Rotational vortex
[D] Free vortex

Answer: Option D


4. Venturi-meter is used to measure
[A] Discharge
[B] Average velocity
[C] Velocity at a point
[D] Pressure at a point

Answer: Option A
5. Pressure measured with the help of piezometer tube is
[A] Atmospheric Pressure
[B] Gauge Pressure
[C] Absolute Pressure
[D] Vacuum Pressure
Answer: Option B



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