1. The metacentric height is the distance between the ______.

[A] center of gravity of the floating body and the center of buoyancy
[B] metacenter and center of buoyancy
[C] center of gravity of the floating body and metacenter
[D] original center buoyancy and new center of buoyancy

Answer: Option C

2. A manometric liquid should suitably have _____.

[A] Low density & High Vapour pressure
[B] High density & Low Vapour pressure
[C] Low density & Low Vapour pressure
[D] High density & High Vapour pressure

Answer: Option B


3. What is the unit of shear stress?

[A] N/m
[B] Pascal
[C] N/mm^3
[D] N/m^3

Answer: Option B

4. Manometers are used to measure ______.

[A] Atmospheric pressure
[B] Pressure in water channels, pipes etc
[C] Difference in pressure at two points
[D] Very low pressure

Answer: Option C


5. When a fluid is subjected to resistance, it undergoes a volumetric change due to ______.

[A] Compressibility
[B] Cohesion
[C] Adhesion
[D] Strain

Answer: Option A


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