1. An isobar is a line which connects all points below the ground surface at which ____.

[A] The local ground elevation is same

[B] The settlement is same

[C] The vertical stress is same

[D] The ground elevation is varying

Answer: Option C


2. Oedometer is used to calculate which of the following soil parameter?

[A] Compressibility

[B] Permeability

[C] Specific gravity

[D] Particle size analysis

Answer: Option A


3. Undisturbed soil samples are required for ___.

[A] Specific gravity test

[B] Hydrometer test

[C] Shrinkage limit test

[D] Consolidation test

Answer: Option D


4. Consolidation time of a soil sample ____.

[A] increases with an increase in permeability

[B] increases with a decrease in permeability 

[C] increases with an increase in compressibility

[D] increases with a decrease in compressibility

Answer: Option B


5. Which of the following test is not used to measure the shear strength of a soil?

[A] Triaxial Compression Test

[B] Shear Vane Test

[C] Unconfined Compression Test

[D] Standard Procter Test

Answer: Option D




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