1. The property of the soil mass which permits the seepage of water through its interconnecting voids, is called ____.

[A] Capillarity 

[B] Permeability

[C] Porosity 

[D] None of these

Answer: Option B


2. The ratio of volume of voids to the total volume of soil mass is called ____.

[A] Air content

[B] Porosity

[C] Percentage air voids

[D] Voids ratio

Answer: Option B


3. A soil having uniformity coefficient less than 4 is called ____.

[A] Uniform

[B] Fine

[C] Coarse

[D] Well graded soil

Answer: Option A


4. If the plasticity index of a soil mass is zero, the soil is ____.

[A] Silt

[B] Sand

[C] Clay

[D] Clayey Silt

Answer: Option B


5. The maximum water content at which a reduction in water content will not cause a decrease in the volume of a soil

[A] Plastic limit

[B] Liquid limit

[C] Shrinkage limit

[D] Consistency Index

Answer: Option C




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