1. As compaction energy increases ___.

[A] Both MDD and OMC increases

[B] MDD decreases and OMC increases

[C] MDD increases and OMC decreases

[D] No change in MDD and OMC

Answer: Option C


2. Sheep foot rollers are used for ____.

[A] Compacting soil in confined areas and at corners

[B] Compacting Road and railway embankments of sandy soils

[C] Densifying sandy soils over large are and to a larger depth

[D] Compacting clayey soil fills

Answer: Option D


3. The following soils are compacted at the same compactive effort in the field. Which one of the following is the correct sequence in the increasing order of their maximum dry density?

[A] Clay < Silty clay < Sand < Gravel sand clay mixture

[B] Sand < Gravel sand clay mixture < Clay < Silty clay

[C] Silty clay < Sand < Gravel Sand clay mixture < Clay

[D] Sand < Clay < Silty Clay < Gravel sand clay mixture

Answer: Option A


4. Match List – I with List II and select the correct option 

List – I


Q. Vibratory rollers

R. Zero air void line

List – II

1. Compaction of cohesive soil

2. Compaction of granular soil

3. Maximum dry density

4. 100% saturation

[A] P-3, Q-1, R-2

[B] P-2, Q-3, R-4

[C] P-3, Q-2, R-4

[D] P-2, Q-1, R-4

Answer: Option C


5. Which of the following is not a factor that is affecting Compaction of Soil?

[A] Water Content

[B] Amount of compaction

[C] Type of Soil

[D] Wind Velocity

Answer: Option D




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