NDVI – Normalized Difference Vegetation Index 

Formulas to find NDVI are:

NDVI (Landsat 8) = (B5 – B4) / (B5 + B4)

NDVI (Landsat 4 – 7) = (B4 – B3) / (B4 + B3)

Video on How to Download Landsat images 👇

Range of NDVI is -1 to 1

-1 i.e. negative values indicate areas other than Vegetation cover, like snow, water or clouds where Red Reflectance is more than Near-Infrared.

Values close to 0 indicate bare soils with reflectance values in red and near infrared.

1 i.e. positive values which are generally between 0.1 and 0.7 means Healthy Vegetation.

Video on NDVI Map in ArcGIS 👇

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