1. Atmometer is used to measure ____.

[A] Evaporation

[B] Transpiration

[C] Evapotranspiration

[D] All of the above

Answer: Option A


2. The Bowen ratio is defined as ____.

[A] Ratio of heat flux to moisture flux near the surface

[B] Proportionality constant between vapour heat flux and sensible heat flux

[C] Ratio of actual evapotranspiration and potential evapotranspiration

[D] Proportionality constant between heat energy used up in evaporation and the bulk radiation from a water body

Answer: Option A


3. Infiltration capacity ____.

[A] is constant factor

[B] Changes with time

[C] Changes with location

[D] Changes with time and location

Answer: Option D


4. The best method of estimating runoff is ____.

[A] Unit Hydrograph

[B] Runoff-Coefficient Method

[C] Rational formula

[D] Infiltration index method

Answer: Option A


5. The rate of rainfall above which the rainfal volume equals the runoff volume is called

[A] W index

[B] phi-Index

[C] Runoff coefficient

[D] Basin recharge

Answer: Option B




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