1. The hydrologic flood routing uses

[A] continuity equation only

[B] momentum equation only

[C] both continuity and momentum equations

[D] energy equation only

Answer: Option A


2. The useful storage is the volume of water stored in the reservoir between

[A] minimum pool level and maximum pool level

[B] minimum pool level and normal pool level

[C] riverbed level and normal pool level

[D] riverbed level and maximum pool level

Answer: Option B


3. Trap efficiency of a reservoir is a function of 

[A] Outflow/inflow ratio

[B] Capacity/inflow ratio

[C] Capacity/outflow ratio

[D] All of these is correct

Answer: Option B


4. Probable maximum flood is

[A] an impossibly large flood discharge

[B] a flood with maximum probability of Occurrence

[C] largest flood that could conceivably occur at a particular location

[D] the maximum possible flood which is probable for that year

Answer: Option C


5. The live storage requirement for a reservoir is to be determined by

[A] topographical survey

[B] annual demand

[C] double mass curve analysis

[D] mass curve analysis

Answer: Option D




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