1. Depth-Area-Duration curves would seem to resemble ___ with duration ____.
[A] First quadrant limbs of hyperbolae, increasing outward
[B] Arcs of circle concave upwards, increasing outward
[C] Third quadrant limbs of hyperbolae, decreasing outward
[D] First quadrant limbs of hyperbolae, decreasing outward
Answer: Option A
2. Which method can be used to obtain average depth of rainfall over an area?
[A] Arithmetic Mean Method
[B] Theissen Polygon Method
[C] Isohyetal Method
[D] All of the above
Answer: Option D
3. Normal Annual Rainfall for three station A, B, C are 200, 250 & 300cm respectively. Annual Rainfall at A & B stations are 140 & 270 cm. Find the missing annual rainfall at station C.
[A] 290cm
[B] 260cm
[C] 200cm
[D] 210cm
Answer: Option C
4. ___ is a plot between the accumulated rainfall against time in chronological order.
[A] Hyetograph
[B] Mass curve
[C] Double mass curve
[D] Hydrograph
Answer: Option B
5. In case of DAD curves, as the area increases the average depth over the area ____.
[A] remains unchanged
[B] decreases
[C] increases
[D] None
Answer: Option B


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