1. Hyetograph is the curve between _____.

[A] accumulated rainfall vs time

[B] rainfall intensity vs time interval

[C] discharge vs time

[D] depth vs area

Answer: Option B

2. In case of DAD curves, as the area increases the average depth over the area _____.

[A] remains unchanged

[B] increases

[C] decreases

[D] None

Answer: Option C

3. The moving average plot of annual precipitation record that smooth out the fluctuations in time series of rainfall, is carried out to determine _____ of rainfall.

[A] Annual Mean

[B] Trend

[C] Annual variation

[D] Seasonal variation

Answer: Option B

4. Convective precipitation occurs due to ____.

[A] Atmospheric disturbance

[B] Mountain barrier

[C] Pressure difference

[D] Temperature difference

Answer: Option D

5. ____ is a special type of cyclonic precipitation which occurs at the interface of warm and cold air masses on their convergence.

[A] Frontal precipitation

[B] Orographic precipitation

[C] Convective precipitation

[D] All of the above

Answer: Option A


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