1. Cyclonic precipitation occurs due to _____.

[A] Atmospheric disturbance 

[B] Mountain barrier

[C] Pressure difference

[D] Temperature difference

Answer: Option C

2. Find the average depth of annual precipitation over the basin of 250 km^2. The area between the two isohyets 45 cm and 55 cm is 100 km^2, and that between 55 cm and 65 cm is 150 km^2.

[A] 56 cm

[B] 54 cm

[C] 61 cm

[D] 50 cm

Answer: Option A


3. Double Mass Curve is used _____.

[A] to check the consistency of precipitation records

[B] to predict annual precipitation

[C] to determine average rainfall over an area

[D] to estimate the capacity of a reservoir

Answer: Option A

4. Which one of the following is not a major type of storm precipitation?

[A] Air mass storm

[B] Frontal storm

[C] Orographic storm

[D] Non-Frontal storm

Answer: Option A


5. Probable maximum precipitation (PMP) is ____.

[A] Maximum precipitation for all past recorded storms

[B] Projected precipitation for a 100-year return period

[C] Effective Precipitable water

[D] Upper limit of physically possible precipitation

Answer: Option D



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