1. Which is the correct hydrologic budget equation?
[A] P – R – E + T – G = Total storage increase
[B] P – R – E – G = Total storage increase
[C] P – R – E – T – G = Total storage increase
[D] P – R – E + T = Total storage increase
Answer: Option C
2. The quantitative statement of the balance between water gains and losses in a particular basin or catchment during a specified period of time is known as ___.
[A] Water budget
[B] Ground budget
[C] Hydrologic budget
[D] None of the above
Answer: Option A
3. Hydrological cycle is the cycle in which water is transported from the ______.
[A] oceans to the atmosphere as vapours
[B] atmosphere to the land as precipitation
[C] land to oceans as runoff
[D] All of the above
Answer: Option D
4. ____ is/are pertinent to the realization of hydrological cycle.
[A] Coriolis effect and Uneven distribution of land and water
[B] Latitudinal difference in solar heating of the Earth’s surface
[C] Inclination of the Earth’s axis
[D] All of the above
Answer: Option D
5. In ___ method average rainfall is taken to be the mean of rainfall datas collected at various raingauge stations of the catchment, area every rain gauge station is given equal weightage regardless of its location.
[A] Normal Ratio Method
[B] Theissen Polygon Method
[C] Arithmetic Average Method
[D] Isohyetal Method
Answer: Option C


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