Water constitutes one of the important physical environments of man and has a direct bearing on the health and hygiene of mankind.  

There is no denying the fact that the contamination of water leads to numerous health hazards.   

Water is precious to man and therefore WHO refers to “control of Water supplies to ensure that they are pure and wholesome as one of the primary objectives of environmental sanitation”.

Safe water is one of the most important felt needs in public health in developing countries in the twenty first century.

Water is a good carrier of disease germs. If water is not made safe against disease germs, it may become responsible for so many diseases and epidemics.  

Diseases such as typhoid, cholera, dysentery, etc are the direct causes of defective water supply.  

Water is a also a very good solvent. If water contains excessive amounts of minerals or poisonous dissolved substances, it will again cause so many difficulties to the public.  

Therefore, water which is used by the public should be wholesome and must be free from disease producing bacteria, poisonous substances and excessive amount of minerals, and organic matter.  

Therefore, it is very important that water works must remove all the impurities and bacteria from water and make it wholesome.

The growth of new industries for various pipe appurtenances such as air valves, etc. takes place in the locality granting employment opportunities.

The industries which require pure water for their working are saved from the expenditure of installing their own water purification plant.

The installation and maintenance of the water supply scheme grant opportunities of employment to the local people.

The public in general gets treated reliable water for consumption and other uses.

The sanitation of the area is considerably improved by the adequate water supply

There are less chances of water borne diseases to occur resulting in saving of human lives and working hours.

The available water in the locality is used in the best possible manner and its misuse and wastage are avoided to a considerable extent.


A drainage system is accountable for getting rid of the surplus water either on the floor’s surface or the root area of any property. 

It is also possible for surplus water to accumulate from the rainwater or the usage of an excessive amount of irrigation water. It is imperative to drain the water for clearing the system as well as pipes since it might otherwise lead to leaking, flooding, filthy smells, slow draining, in addition to water damage.

Although a plethora of issues might result in drainage problems at present, situations have been witnessed which are more typical than the others. 

The primary reason behind crawl spaces and inundated basements is that it is not possible to drain the water away from the residence appropriately. 

Most of the time, the reason for this happens to be the gutters. Either the spickets have become excessively blocked or they are not pointed away from the house as needed, and the water is not following the appropriate route and is getting accumulated in locations around the base, resulting in structural as well as landscape damage.

It has also been observed that several types of individuals require drainage solutions after completing a new landscaping venture. It is very important to grade your backyard, and even landscapers forget regarding this every now and then. 

Therefore, if you are thinking of beautifying your garden, always keep in mind to grade away from your residence.

Another significant reason behind the pooling in your residence happens to be piping. 

It is quite natural for the pipes to become outdated and they might start to malfunction as well. 

The reason behind this might be the accumulation of mineral deposits, resulting in corrosion, which happens to be a significant cause of drainage problems. 

In the subsequent paragraphs, we will talk about the significance of a property system in our residence.

Every property owner should make it a point to perform maintenance on their drainage systems at regular intervals.

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