1. Finally formed berms in canals are provided for ______.

[A] Protection of banks erosion by the waves
[B] Control of seepage losses
[C] Strengthening of banks
[D] All the above

Answer: Option D


2. The structure constructed to allow drainage water to flow under pressure through an inverted syphon below a canal, is called _____.

[A] Syphon
[B] Super passage
[C] Super-aqueduct
[D] Syphon aqueduct

Answer: Option D


3. The main function of a diversion head works of a canal from a river, is _____.
[A] To remove silt
[B] To control floods
[C] To raise water level
[D] To store water
Answer: Option C

4. For a unique design of a channel by Kennedy’s theory ______.

[A] Its breadth must only be known
[B] Its depth must only be known
[C] Its breadth and depth ratio must only be known
[D] All the above

Answer: Option C

5. The useful moisture of soil, is equal to its _____.

[A] Field capacity
[B] Difference between filed capacity and permanent wilting point within the root zone of plants
[C] Moisture content at permanent wilting point
[D] Saturation capacity

Answer: Option B



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