1. Which of the following canal structures is used to remove surplus water from an irrigation channel into a natural drain ?

[A] canal fall
[B] canal outlet
[C] canal escape
[D] canal regulator

Answer: Option C


2. The sensitivity of a rigid module is ____.
[A] zero
[B] between zero and one
[C] 1
[D] infinity

Answer: Option A


3. Which of the following can be used as a meter fall?

[A] unflumed glacis fall
[B] flumed glacis fall
[C] vertical drop fall
[D] all of the above

Answer: Option C


4. The ratio of rate of change of the discharge of an outlet to the rate of change of the discharge of distributing channel is called _____.
[A] proportionality
[B] flexibility
[C] setting
[D] sensitivity

Answer: Option B


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