1. Permanent wilting point moisture content for a crop represents the _____.
[A] hygroscopic water

[B] capillary water

[C] field capacity water

[D] water of adhesion

Answer: Option A


2. Paleo is defined as _____.
[A] The first watering before the crop is sown

[B] The first watering after the crop is sown

[C] The first watering after the application of fertilizers

[D] The last watering before the harvest

Answer: Option A


3. If the Sodium Adsorption Ratio of the irrigation water is 11, then it is classified as _____.
[A] Low sodium water

[B] Medium Sodium Water

[C] High Sodium Water

[D] Very High sodium water

Answer: Option B


4. The most desirable alignment of an irrigation canal is along _____.
[A] The contour line

[B] None of the above

[C] The ridge line

[D] The valley line

Answer: Option C


5. Pressure relief valves are provided in lined canal when _____.
[A] canal is in full cutting

[B] canal is in full banking

[C] canal is in partial cutting and banking.

[D] canal is in barrel form in aqueduct

Answer: Option A


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