1. According to Kennedy, non-silting and non-scouring velocity is called _____.

[A] Optimal velocity
[B] Critical velocity
[C] Mean velocity
[D] Average velocity

Answer: Option B


2. For the design of lined canal, the formula commonly used is _____.

[A] Kennedy’s formula
[B] Lacey’s formula
[C] Manning’s formula
[D] Lindley’s formula

Answer: Option C

3. The general depth of scour calculated by Lacey’s formula in a river represents the depth below the

[A] maximum flood level in the river
[B] minimum flood level in the river
[C] normal flow water level in the river
[D] existing riverbed level

Answer: Option A

4. Hydraulic mean depth of a canal is the ratio between _____.

[A] Area of flow section and top water surface width
[B] Area of flow section and the wetted perimeter
[C] Total cross-sectional area and top water surface width
[D] Total cross-sectional area and the wetted perimeter

Answer: Option B

5. Kennedy found the Upper Bari Doab canals _____.

[A] To be the most economical
[B] Having the highest specific discharge
[C] Having the highest critical velocity ratio 
[D] to be non-silting and non-scouring

Answer: Option D


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