1. Uplift on the base is not an important design factor in case of _____.

[A] Arch dams
[B] Gravity dams
[C] Earthen dams
[D] Buttress dams

Answer: Option A

2. A linear reservoir is one in which _____.

[A] Storage varies linearly with time
[B] Storage varies linearly with outflow rate
[C] Storage varies linearly with inflow rate
[D] Storage varies linearly with elevation

Answer: Option B

3. Stability of the upstream slope of an earthen dam becomes critical for the condition of _____.

[A] Reservoir full
[B] Reservoir empty
[C] Sudden draw down
[D] Slow filling of reservoir

Answer: Option C

4. When a spur of short length is taken perpendicular to the bank, it only deflects the flow locally. Hence, it is called ______.

[A] Repelling spur
[B] Attracting spur
[C] Deflecting spur
[D] Special spur

Answer: Option C

5. The ratio of thalweg length to the valley length is called _____.

[A] Tortuosity
[B] Meander Ratio
[C] Sinuosity
[D] Khadirs

Answer: Option C


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