Coastal villages will be safeguarded from the impact of wave by adopting soft solutions and by educating the villagers to follow easy preventive  measures that are as follows :

  1. Construction of enormous scale submerged sand barriers in water depths of concerning half dozen to eight meters.
  2. Developing sand dunes on the coast with ocean weeds or shrubs for stabilization of the sand dunes. 
  3. Raising the bottom level (above the planning water level) with natural beach sand therefore on rehabilitate the whole coastal village.
  4. Development of coastal forest (green belt) by planting casuarinas or coconut trees on the lineation to hide minimum of concerning 500m breadth of the beach. 
  5. Periodical dredging of the inlets and associated water bodies therefore on absorb the inflow throughout wave. 
  6. Construction of submerged dykes (one or 2 rows on the stretch of the coast) therefore on decrease the impact thanks to the incoming wave.
  7. Adopting natural beach nourishment to form steep beach face. 
  8. Positioning stationary platforms within the backwaters for evacuating the general public throughout wave.
  9. Creation of sandy ramps at shut intervals right along the coast.
  10. Vertical evacuation structures altogether harbours. 
  11. Construction of landlocked dykes to safeguard important installations.
  12. Construction of wave shelters (supported by circular RCC columns) on a raised ground (3m on top of the bottom level) in high tsunami-risk villages. This structure shall have four floors with the bottom floor meant for passage of flow throughout wave, first floor for housing concerning five hundred folks, as well as a provision look capable of provision provisions for 3 days and different basic amenities. Second floor for hospital and third floor reserved for the cistern (with a capability of sixty thousand gallons for 3 days). This wave shelter ought to be operational throughout the year with the first floor utilised as a college and second floor for hospital throughout non-Tsunami amount. this might make sure that the ability is maintained to fulfill any happening. These shelters shall not be situated quite 500m from the 2 neighboring villages.
  13. Establishment of angiospermous tree plantations (as a coastal defence against Tsunami) for communities residing on the estuaries.
  14. Keeping the village space free from detritus (for example discarded construction material, cars and different similar loose materials) as they will have adverse impact throughout run-up or run-down related to wave.
  15. Construction of breakwater (comprising of a stack of rubble) could also be tried.

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