The Construction Management is necessary for the following important factors during construction :

1) Co-ordination between different agencies:

An effective construction management is required to co-ordinate between various agencies engaged during construction and organize the inputs in an efficient way to maximize the outputs at minimum cost.

2) Economy in Construction : 

The construction management also works out the best alternative to get the best results at minimum cost.

3) Development of management and machinery:

The construction management aims to co-ordinate and organize sufficient and efficient manpower and machinery. New tools of management such as Bar charts, Critical Path Method (CPM) and Programme Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) are also available for Planning and monitoring construction activities.

4) Speed of Construction :

For timely completion of a project, construction management is essential as it gives the best alternative to complete the project in optimum time and cost using the modern management techniques.

5) Quality Control of materials and workmanship :

The Quality control of materials and good workmanship is also one of the objectives of the construction management.


The main objectives of construction management are : 

1) Completing the work within estimated budget.

2) Completing the work within specified time. 

3) The Quality and workmanship should be better.

4) The work should be executed as per specifications.

5) Providing safe and satisfactory working conditions for all personnel and workers. 

6) Taking sound decisions at the lowest practical management level through delegation of authority.

7) Motivating people to give their best within their capacities. 

8) Creating an organization that works as a team.

9) Achieving economy in the construction.

Project objectives interaction

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