1. For pre-tensioned prestressed concrete, the grade of concrete shall be not less than
[A] M30
[B] M40
[C] M60
[D] M50

Answer: Option B


2. For simply supported prestressed concrete beam having uniformly distributed load on its entire span the prestressing tendon has the maximum eccentricity at _____.
[A] The supports
[B] The centre having maximum moment
[C] The quarter points
[D] The section having maximum shear

Answer: Option B


3. For pre-stressed structural elements, high strength concrete is used primarily because _____.

[A] Both shrinkage and creep are more
[B] Shrinkage is less but creep is more
[C] Modulus of elasticity and creep values a higher
[D] High modulus of elasticity and creep values are lower

Answer: Option D


4. The loss in pre-stress in pre-tensioning system is primarily due to ______.
[A] Elastic deformation of concrete and cable slippage
[B] Creep and elastic deformation
[C] Shrinkage and creep
[D] Shrinkage and elastic deformation

Answer: Option C


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